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๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi, I'm Tamรกs. Welcome to my blog.

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  1. Trim, crop and more - basic video editing with ffmpeg

    Learn how to accomplish a few simple video editing tasks in the terminal using ffmpeg - in this session we'll make videos smaller

    โŒš About 3 min reading time

    software video-editing ffmpeg tutorial guide
  2. Tiny Tools of the Trade - Part I.

    Small software solutions that are big time savers, for small everyday problems that are big annoyances. This time let's learn about yt-dlp, RipMe and ffmpeg.

    โŒš About 2 min reading time

    software recommendations open source showcase tools
  3. Now That's What I Call Visual Studio Extensions (2022 edition)

    Endorsing essential extensions to enhance your development environment.

    โŒš About 4 min reading time

    visual-studio development extensions xaml csharp
  4. Taking a Diamond Pickaxe to My Notes

    After roughly 11 years and ~1200 notes, I left OneNote behind for Obsidian. As you can imagine, this was a gigantic change for someone who literally owns a OneNote cape.

    โŒš About 3 min reading time

    note taking obsidian markdown onenote feedback
  5. Recording My Life in Higher Resolution with Polywork

    It has been over a year now since I've had a friend talk about a work-related site intending to do things differently... and differently they did. Let's talk about Polywork and The Polywork Community.

    โŒš About 3 min reading time

    polywork community social network linkedin testing
  6. Shared Engine Spaces in the age of Mixed Reality Operating Systems

    As we're heading into the brave new world of mixed reality, one of the larger software issues facing everyone has yet to be addressed: shared engine spaces.

    โŒš About 5 min reading time

    mixed reality virtual reality augmented reality operating systems rendering engines airspace issues oculus hololens windows mixed reality magic leap lumin os
  7. Who needs a Sensibo anyway?

    If you're reading this post you're probably in the target audience for a certain Instagram ad alongside with me, advertising Sensibo: a magical IoT gadget that turns your "dumb" air conditioner into a "smart" one. This is the story of me not buying one.

    โŒš About 10 min reading time

    iot reverse engineering development dotnet csharp open source python clang raspberry pi ssh infrared air conditioning
  8. I moved my blog

    Back in 2015 (?, I think...) I moved my blog to Medium, which promised to be a clean and fast blogging platform. It's now 2020 and Medium is everything but that: popups, nag screens and "please subscribe" CTAs everywhere. So I moved.

    โŒš About 1 min reading time

    blog meta medium lastpage eleventy
  9. A new mentor in your journey to be a better developer

    I wonโ€™t surprise anyone who knows me when I say static analysis tools made me a better developer. Iโ€™m willing to go even further, just as the title of this post says: these tools can be our mentors.

    โŒš About 3 min reading time

    development dotnet csharp ndepend static analysis showcase
  10. Windows apps and GDPR

    A quick disclaimer before venturing in: Iโ€™m not a legal expert, and the following is not legal advice. The purpose of this post is to give an overview of GDPRโ€™s influence upon your average Windows App Developer.

    โŒš About 4 min reading time

    privacy uwp windows development law gdpr

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