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  1. Who needs a Sensibo anyway?

    If you're reading this post you're probably in the target audience for a certain Instagram ad alongside with me, advertising Sensibo: a magical IoT gadget that turns your "dumb" air conditioner into a "smart" one. This is the story of me not buying one.

    iot reverse engineering development dotnet csharp open source python clang raspberry pi ssh infrared air conditioning
  2. I moved my blog

    Back in 2015 (?, I think...) I moved my blog to Medium, which promised to be a clean and fast blogging platform. It's now 2020 and Medium is everything but that: popups, nag screens and "please subscribe" CTAs everywhere. So I moved.

    blog meta medium lastpage eleventy
  3. A new mentor in your journey to be a better developer

    I won’t surprise anyone who knows me when I say static analysis tools made me a better developer. I’m willing to go even further, just as the title of this post says: these tools can be our mentors.

    development dotnet csharp ndepend static analysis showcase
  4. Windows apps and GDPR

    A quick disclaimer before venturing in: I’m not a legal expert, and the following is not legal advice. The purpose of this post is to give an overview of GDPR’s influence upon your average Windows App Developer.

    privacy uwp windows development law gdpr
  5. Reverse engineering the Unity Network Discovery protocol

    I’m working on a project where a .net core backend is used as a server to provide data for multiple Unity clients. To ease development and usage in Unity it’d be great if we could use the built-in network discovery module, so that’s what I did.

    unity reverse engineering development dotnet csharp open source

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