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I moved my blog

Written by Tamás Deme on Thu Jul 09 2020.

Back in 2015 (?, I think...) I moved my blog to Medium, which promised to be a clean and fast blogging platform. It's now 2020 and Medium is everything but that: popups, nag screens and "please subscribe" CTAs everywhere.

So I moved.

Originally my plan was to add an articles feature to lastpage, my static site generator but honestly I realized that the project needs a complete refactoring before adding any new features. Because I'm lazy, I decided not to do that... and instead went browsing for a quick solution. I came across the eleventy (11ty) blog sample, which I liked as it basically did what I intended to build in the first place.

Two nights worth of work adjusting the features and design to my liking, and the new blog was live, hosted on netlify. I moved my still relevant articles over with redirects - but you can still find all the old ones in the medium publication. Let's hope I'll get at least 5 years of mileage out of this blog instance as well.

shore party out

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